The Grow Centre produces top quality plants for the indoor plant industry. Our plants are grown to last, the type of potting mix and species of plants that we grow all work together to produce plants that will thrive in an indoor environment.
The team at The Grow Centre are well experienced and love growing amazing plants. The Grow Centre has previously only grown for the wholesale market, but with the growing demand for quality plants for homes we have opened up our inspiring range to you.
The Grow Centre was established 2019 as the indoor plant industry was in need of a supplier that specialised in quality plants all year round. The 26 acre property grows over 20 varieties of plants and has well over 500000 plants on the ground at any point. 
The nursery draws on over 50 years of indoor plant hire industry experience, we know what works! We grow plants that are of industry standard and used in top commercial and retail fit outs. 

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Grown to last

our plants are grown in the best conditions a plant could ask for. 

We can guarantee the quality of our plants because we grow them ourselves.

Available to you via our retail stores

you can view the range of plants we grow at one of our 5 retail stores across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

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