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Looking for a plant with personality? The Ctenanthe "Grey Star", commonly called a "Never Never Plant" is here to steal the spotlight. With its unique and captivating appearance, it's a true gem for your collection.


 An excellent air purifier that filters out common pollutants
 Features exquisite shades of green and silver, creating a captivating mosaic of colour and pattern
 An incredible mood booster, perfect in your home or office space.

    Plant Care Tips:

     It should be kept in bright, indirect light and never directly in the sun
     It prefers high humidity, so mist it regularly
     Maintain soil moisture at a level that avoids excessive wetness or complete drying out
     Feed with diluted houseplant fertiliser (half-strength) approximately every four months during the cooler months and once a month during warmer months
      Grown in 300mm pots.
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